上海交通大学美国电影研究中心(SJTU American Film Research Center)成立于2003年3月21日,由上海交大校友、著名美籍华裔电影艺术家卢燕女士任中心主任,上海交大电影电视系主任李亦中教授任中心副主任。

    本中心整合bob电竞体育、人文学院、管理学院、电子信息学院、外语学院等多学科优势,通过开放式平台集聚海内外从事美国电影研究的智力资源,邀聘知名学者担任特约研究员,对美国电影业展开全方位研究。研究范畴包括美国电影内容研究、产业研究、影响研究、营销研究、数字电影技术等领域, 旨在为“入世”后中国电影业面临的挑战提供横向借鉴与对策,同时培养美国电影研究方向的高级人才。


Brief introduction of SJTU AFRC

STJU American Film Research Center was founded on March 21st, 2003. The current director of the center is Ms. Lisa Lu, alumna of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and famous Chinese-born American film artist, and Professor Li Yizhong, head of the Department of Film and Television of SJTU, its deputy director.

AFRC takes advantage of multi-disciplinary resources of School of Media and Design, School of Management, School of Electronic and Information and School of Foreign Languages of SJTU engaged in American film research. With many famous scholars as associate researchers, the center serves as open platform to unite both domestic and international intelligence resources in studying American film industry from different perspectives. Research projects cover content, industry, influence, marketing, and application of digital technology, etc. Our aim is not only to provZide the horizontal references and countermeasure to Chinese national moviemaking industry who faces big challenges after China’s entering WTO, but also to train research talents in this domain at the same time.

AFRC is the first academic organization specialized in the American film studies in China. The research results will be published annually in form of anthology. We cordially welcome domestic and international scholars to send in their papers.